Wendover HS2 remains fully supportive of the Parish Council’s efforts to achieve a mined tunnel, whilst in parallel has a clear mission to achieve the maximum possible and most meaningful mitigation for Wendover & surrounding villages.

The Group consists of concerned residents, local councillors and passionate engineers who have come together on a voluntary basis to look into the detail of the current HS2 plans – we have uncovered what we believe to be serious issues around noise, water, traffic, and the effect on the visual environment and local communities.

We have the backing of our local MP Rob Butler & also our Prime Minister who is sympathetic to our cause, as a regular visitor to our market town. He has specifically instructed his Minister of Transport and HS2 Ltd. to constructively collaborate with us, and as a result we are making considerable progress with our alternative mitigation solutions and continued dialogue with DfT, HS2, their contractors, Buckinghamshire Council and the Environment Agency (EA).